Detailed Information

Welcome to Stephen Dawson, where our team of experienced and qualified instructors, led by Stephen with over 30 years of expertise in domestic and competition training, are dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership through correct obedience and behavioral training. With a background that includes working with dingoes at Australia Zoo, both training the animals and keepers, our commitment to creating harmony between pets and owners is unwavering. Our training approach involves the whole family, ensuring that everyone is involved in the process.

Stephen’s unique training style, developed over three decades, focuses on delivering outstanding results through a no-nonsense, honest approach to addressing behavioral issues in realistic situations. The success stories from our satisfied clients are countless, reflecting the effectiveness of our progressive techniques and methodology. Our trainers are known for being kind, considerate, and, above all, awesome, making the training experience both enjoyable and rewarding for all participants.

Recognized as the Sunshine Coast’s premier K9 behavioral consultant and training specialist, Stephen Dawson is committed to providing a fun and effective training environment where every participant, whether human or canine, is welcome. Join us to discover how training your best friend can be both enriching and successful, leading to a happy, confident, and well-behaved companion for years to come. Come and experience the combination of great fun and outstanding results that define our approach to dog training.