Detailed Information

Steinfort AgVet Pty. Ltd., founded by Gippsland veterinarian Dr. John Steinfort in 1996, is a leading Australian company specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative livestock products. With a strong emphasis on modernizing livestock systems to enhance efficiencies and promote animal health and welfare, Steinfort AgVet has developed a range of cutting-edge solutions for livestock producers.

Dr. John Steinfort’s expertise in modernizing equipment for livestock husbandry procedures ensures that the products offered by Steinfort AgVet deliver positive outcomes for both livestock and producers. One of the key products developed by the company is a revolutionary solution for breech modification in sheep, providing significant animal welfare benefits and allowing for the production of non-mulesed wool for international markets.

Steinfort AgVet prides itself on quality, integrity, and dedicated after-sales service. All products are designed, manufactured, and tested in Australia under the supervision of Dr. John Steinfort, who is personally committed to assisting customers and ensuring they derive the maximum benefit from their purchases. With a two-year warranty on all equipment, Steinfort AgVet offers peace of mind and expert support to livestock producers across Australia.