Detailed Information

St Albans Veterinary Clinic is a well-established veterinary practice located in the heart of St Albans business centre. With a rich history dating back to 1991, the clinic was originally founded by Dr. Patrick Brady and Dr. Michael Ibrahim, who later relocated and established the clinic at 263 Main Road West, St Albans. The original clinic was replaced in 2006 with a new purpose-built facility to better serve the needs of their growing clientele.

Specializing in small animals, St Albans Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of professional services for various pets, including cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, fish, and reptiles. Their comprehensive services include vaccinations, surgery (such as desexing and orthopedics), medicine, dentistry, X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, in-house pathology, hospitalization, veterinary products and foods, puppy training, puppy pre-school, and acupuncture. The clinic is staffed by a dedicated team of 9 veterinarians and 10 veterinary nurses who work tirelessly to provide the best care for pets from St Albans and surrounding suburbs.

Dr. Kim Cao joined the partnership with Dr. Patrick Brady and Dr. Michael Ibrahim in 2009, further enhancing the clinic’s expertise and services. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on client satisfaction, St Albans Veterinary Clinic collaborates closely with West Footscray Veterinary Clinic to ensure that all pets receive top-notch care. Clients from all over Victoria trust St Albans Veterinary Clinic for the health and well-being of their beloved animals, making it a go-to destination for quality veterinary services.