Detailed Information

Welcome to Spellbound Cattery, a family-owned business located in the semi-rural area of Margate, Tasmania, Australia. Founded by Lesley Gaze in 2001, Spellbound Cattery specializes in breeding the beautiful Birman Cat breed. Lesley’s lifelong passion for animals, particularly cats, led her to establish Spellbound Cattery after transitioning from a career in horse training due to injuries. With a focus on breeding for perfection in appearance, temperament, and adherence to the Birman standard, Spellbound Cattery has gained recognition both locally and internationally for producing top-quality kittens and cats.

As the demand for pet care services grew, Spellbound Cattery expanded its offerings to include Cosy Cats Luxury Cat Hotel in 2013. This purpose-built cattery provides a comfortable and safe environment for cats while their owners are away on holidays. Lesley’s dedication to animal welfare and her expertise in cat care ensure that all feline guests receive the same level of love and attention as her own cherished pets. With the opening of Cosy Cats, Lesley was able to transition to working from home full-time, fulfilling her dream of spending her days caring for animals and connecting with fellow cat lovers.

Spellbound Cattery and Cosy Cats Luxury Cat Hotel embody Lesley’s commitment to providing exceptional care for cats and maintaining high breeding standards. With a successful track record in cat breeding and a deep-rooted love for animals, Spellbound Cattery continues to be a trusted destination for those seeking top-quality Birman cats and reliable cat boarding services in the picturesque setting of Margate, Tasmania.