Detailed Information

Speedwell Forge French Bulldogs, LLC is a dedicated breeding program based in Lititz, Pennsylvania, just an hour west of Philadelphia. Specializing in French Bulldogs, we have identified the growing demand for well-mannered, home-raised puppies. Our breeding stock is carefully selected and raised by families and breeders who share our deep love for the breed. In addition to our own litters, we also provide high-quality sourced puppies to ensure that all our clients receive trusted companions through Speedwell Forge.

Founded by the passionate and hardworking couple, Jonathan and Shawna Steffy, Speedwell Forge French Bulldogs is a family-run business with a commitment to excellence. Jonathan, a sales manager at a Mercedes Benz dealership, prioritizes customer service and satisfaction, while Shawna, a former Spanish teacher, now focuses on caring for their daughters and the puppies. Together, they bring a wealth of experience and love for French Bulldogs to their breeding program, ensuring that every puppy finds a loving home and receives the best care possible.

At Speedwell Forge French Bulldogs, we believe in creating a network of French Bulldog enthusiasts who share our values and dedication to the breed. With a focus on socialization, training, and quality care, we strive to provide our clients with well-mannered and beautiful puppies. Join our family today and let us help you find the perfect French Bulldog companion to enrich your life.