Detailed Information

Southwest Equine Veterinary Group is a leading provider of equine veterinary services in Southwest Victoria. Our experienced team of equine vets offers dedicated care to horses of all disciplines, from racehorses to family ponies. As a partnership between Warrnambool Veterinary and Ballarat Veterinary Practice, we bring together local knowledge and extensive equine experience to ensure the well-being of your beloved horses.

At Southwest Equine, we cater to a wide range of equine needs, including pleasure horses, competition mounts, and pony club horses. Our purpose-built clinic serves as a hub for comprehensive veterinary services, including pre-purchase examinations to assess the suitability of horses for sale. Whether you are a seasoned horse owner or new to the equestrian world, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch care and support for your equine companions.

For expert equine veterinary care in Southwest Victoria, contact Southwest Equine Veterinary Group at 0437 380 302 or email us at Trust our team of skilled professionals to deliver exceptional veterinary services tailored to meet the unique needs of your horses, ensuring their health and well-being for years to come.