Detailed Information

The South East Animal Welfare League (SEAWL) is a reputable not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter and care for homeless and unwanted animals in the South East and surrounding areas. Established in 1972 by a group of passionate animal lovers, SEAWL has been committed to offering surrendered dogs and cats a second chance at finding a loving and secure home.

Through the hard work of their devoted staff and volunteers, SEAWL operates a shelter that includes a dedicated cattery, dog shelter, and dog runs. They do not receive financial support from the local government and rely solely on the generosity of community members and local organizations to continue their vital work in animal welfare. SEAWL prides itself on being an independent organization, separate from the Animal Welfare League of South Australia.

With a history spanning over 40 years, SEAWL has grown from humble beginnings of temporary kennels to a well-established facility on Riddoch Highway. Their mission remains focused on caring for the most vulnerable members of the community – the animals in need of a safe haven and a chance for a better life. For those looking to adopt a furry companion, SEAWL’s Facebook page showcases dogs and cats currently available for adoption, inviting individuals to make a difference in the lives of these deserving animals.