Detailed Information

South Coast Veterinary Services (SCVS) is a premier mobile veterinary service catering to pet owners in the Callala Beach, Callala Bay, Culburra, Woollamia, Myola, Vincentia, Huskisson, St. Georges’ Basin, Nowra, Worrigee, Sanctuary Point, and surrounding areas. With a focus on providing convenience and comfort to both pets and their owners, SCVS offers in-home veterinary care for animals who may be shy, scared, or have mobility issues. The mobile vet service is an ideal solution for families with multiple pets, elderly pet owners, or those with busy schedules, young children, or pets that experience stress during travel.

By bringing veterinary services directly to the pet’s home environment, SCVS aims to reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with traditional visits to a veterinary clinic. This approach not only benefits the well-being of the animals but also allows for more accurate and productive examinations. Additionally, SCVS offers the convenience of wellness checks for multiple pets in the same household, eliminating the need for multiple vet appointments and simplifying the logistics of veterinary care.

SCVS goes beyond standard veterinary services by providing compassionate end-of-life care, including euthanasia at home for pets nearing the end of their lives. This personalized approach allows families to say goodbye to their beloved companions in a familiar and comforting setting, surrounded by loved ones. With a commitment to serving the community and prioritizing the health and happiness of pets, South Coast Veterinary Services is dedicated to delivering exceptional mobile veterinary care to the residents of the South Coast region.