Detailed Information

Welcome to SOS Dogs, one of Australia’s premier providers in Dog Training, Education, and Socialisation. Founded in Brisbane by dog behaviourist Jo Brooks, SOS Dogs is dedicated to creating a world filled with balanced, happy, and social dogs. With a focus on educating and training humans, our mission is to help clients achieve a deep bond with their furry companions.

Lead by Jo Brooks, SOS Dogs specializes in dog behaviour and socialisation, offering expert advice and support to help clients nurture a well-behaved and social dog. Our services include private training consultations where Jo visits your home to address behavioural challenges, as well as Doggy Social Days designed to provide a fun and enriching experience for your pet. With a science-based and behaviourist-led approach, we emphasize effective communication between humans and dogs to foster understanding and positive reinforcement.

At SOS Dogs, we believe in a balanced approach to dog training, steering clear of tools like e-collars and shock collars that can be detrimental to a dog’s behaviour. Whether your dog exhibits aggression, anxiety, or disobedience, our team is here to help. With nearly two decades of experience, Jo and her team are committed to helping families across Australia achieve harmony and companionship with their beloved pets.