Detailed Information

Snakeguard Dog Training is a specialized business that focuses on snake awareness training for dogs, founded by experienced dog trainer and qualified veterinary nurse, Georgia Kourtis. With a deep understanding of snake behavior, the training program aims to teach dogs to avoid snakes, ultimately saving their lives by preventing potential snake encounters. Snakes, being defensive creatures, exhibit various warning signs before resorting to biting, and by training dogs to keep a safe distance, the risk of snake bites can be significantly reduced.

The training sessions at Snakeguard Dog Training involve the use of live non-venomous pythons, carefully selected to create a comprehensive association with snakes for the dogs. By utilizing a remote training collar, a negative association is established between the dogs and snakes, ensuring that the dogs learn to stay away from potential threats. Each session lasts for one hour, providing a stimulating experience for the dogs’ mental faculties. Georgia’s background in the veterinary industry and her firsthand experience with the devastating impact of snakebites on pets motivated her to establish this business to help pet owners safeguard their beloved animals.

Snakebites can be lethal to dogs, and the prevalence of venomous snakes in Victoria underscores the importance of proactive snake avoidance training. By leveraging Georgia’s expertise and the tailored training approach at Snakeguard Dog Training, pet owners can equip their dogs with the necessary skills to steer clear of snakes and minimize the risks associated with snake encounters. For bookings and inquiries, contact Snakeguard Dog Training via email or phone to ensure your dog receives the vital training needed to stay safe in snake-prone environments.