Detailed Information

Smiley Mind – Coaching & Counselling for Veterinary Professionals is a unique business founded and owned by a bilingual veterinarian and certified coach with over 15 years of international experience. Specializing in empowering veterinary professionals from various industries and fields, Smiley Mind offers personalized coaching and counselling services tailored to the challenges faced in the veterinary profession.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), Smiley Mind ensures the highest standards of professional development and ethical guidelines are maintained. The business focuses on personal and professional leadership coaching, career counselling and development, as well as business coaching and management to support veterinarians in achieving their goals and enhancing their skills.

With a strong emphasis on management and leadership development, emotional intelligence, strategic planning, communication, and career progression support, Smiley Mind aims to elevate the veterinary careers and businesses of its clients. Sessions are conducted both online and in person, providing a comprehensive approach to unlocking potential, developing new skills, and discovering the best version of oneself in the veterinary field.