Detailed Information

SmartyPantz Dog Training is dedicated to helping dog owners establish a strong and positive relationship with their furry companions. Led by qualified dog trainer and canine therapist Lisa Jacobson, SmartyPantz utilizes the Canine Leadership System developed by the Alpha Canine Group. This method focuses on pattern learning, voice tones, and positive reinforcement to address canine behavioral issues and build trust, leadership, and consistency between dogs and their owners.

With a passion for strengthening the bond between people and their dogs, SmartyPantz Dog Training offers tools and techniques to manage most behavioral problems, allowing dog owners to enjoy their pets both at home and in public settings. Whether your dog’s behavior is unmanageable or you simply want to enhance their obedience skills, SmartyPantz is committed to helping you make your dog a well-behaved and attentive companion.

  • Addressing manners and obedience under distraction
  • Rehabilitating dogs with complex behaviors
  • Helping dogs understand the human world

Don’t let your dog’s behavior hinder your enjoyment of pet ownership. Contact SmartyPantz Dog Training today for a free consultation and discover how the TLC (Trust, Leadership, Consistency) method can transform your relationship with your canine friend. No dog is too young or old, and no behavioral issue is too big or small for SmartyPantz to tackle.