Detailed Information

Smart Paws is a distinguished Veterinary Sports Medicine and Physical Rehabilitation Therapy service dedicated to providing top-notch care for pets. Working closely with primary care veterinarians, Smart Paws offers specialized rehabilitation therapy for animals facing various challenges, ensuring they can return to a happy and active life alongside their human companions. With expertise in pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, Smart Paws caters to cases where surgery may not be an option, addressing conditions such as back pain, spinal injuries, brain diseases, and orthopedic issues like cruciate tears and fractures.

Under the leadership of Dr. Alexandra (Xani) Blecich, Smart Paws stands out for its commitment to enhancing the well-being of animals through advanced treatment options and compassionate care. Dr. Blecich’s background in allied health and veterinary medicine, coupled with extensive experience in orthopedic and neurological services, positions Smart Paws as a trusted partner in the rehabilitation journey of pets. The mobile service offered by Smart Paws ensures that even pets unable to travel to a clinic can receive the necessary therapy, facilitating a seamless recovery process and alternative treatment plans.

Dr. Blecich’s passion for animal rehabilitation extends beyond the clinic, as she actively engages in charitable work and knowledge-sharing initiatives within the veterinary community. By prioritizing the holistic recovery of pets and fostering collaboration with fellow health professionals, Smart Paws exemplifies a progressive approach to veterinary care. Through a dedication to excellence and a focus on reuniting pets and their owners in joyous companionship, Smart Paws continues to make a meaningful impact in the field of Veterinary Medicine.