Detailed Information

Skills 4 Dogs, founded by Sandy Patterson Dip CBST in 2012, is a premier dog training and behavior change program provider based in Mackay. Sandy, a certified and registered professional, offers a range of services with a philosophy centered on effectiveness, innovation, and a growl-free environment. With a commitment to positive reward, force-free methods, and ongoing education, Sandy ensures that both dogs and humans experience the benefits of modern, evidence-based training techniques.

At Skills 4 Dogs, the focus is on putting the needs of animals front and center in a safe and caring environment. Sandy’s approach is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each pet and their owner, whether it’s addressing behavioral issues, introducing a new pet to the family, or enhancing the relationship between pets and their humans. With a wealth of experience in dog behavior science and the latest training techniques, Sandy provides expert guidance to help dogs and their owners live harmoniously together.

From puppy classes to specialized training programs for dogs of all ages, Skills 4 Dogs offers a variety of services to cater to different needs. Whether it’s basic training, behavior modification, or fun activities like Scent Work and Agility, Sandy’s classes are designed to be enjoyable for both dogs and their owners. With private consultations, remote sessions, and discounted packages available, Skills 4 Dogs is dedicated to helping every dog reach their full potential and become a well-behaved, cherished member of the family.