Detailed Information

SitDropStay Melbourne is a premier dog training service offering in-home and private dog behavior, puppy training, and rehabilitation services in the Melbourne metro area. Led by specialist dog trainer Rod Sinclair, the team at SitDropStay utilizes a unique holistic and psychology-based approach to help dog owners achieve their training and relationship goals. With a focus on creating a calm and cooperative dog through loving leadership and connection, SitDropStay aims to improve the quality of dog training and behavior in Australia.

Established in 2005 by Director and Head Trainer George Lygidakis, SitDropStay was created in response to the need for a more respectful and effective approach to interacting with dogs and changing their behavior. The team believes in going beyond traditional training methods by understanding and using energy, body language, emotions, and presence as primary forms of communication with dogs. By focusing on the individual needs of both dog and owner, SitDropStay offers a lifestyle-based training approach that aims to create consistently happy, calm, and cooperative dogs.

At SitDropStay Melbourne, the emphasis is on building a strong relationship between dog and owner through effective communication and understanding. By prioritizing the mental and emotional well-being of dogs, the team helps address issues such as anxiety, aggression, dominance, and hyperactivity. Through personalized consultations and hands-on training sessions, SitDropStay strives to empower dog owners to create a harmonious and rewarding relationship with their canine companions.