Detailed Information

SitDropStay Central Coast is a premier dog training service offering in-home and private dog behavior training, as well as puppy training, throughout the entire Central Coast region of NSW. With a holistic and highly effective approach, SitDropStay focuses on creating a well-behaved dog and fostering a healthy relationship based on trust and respect. Whether your dog is dealing with behavioral issues like barking, jumping, aggression, or anxiety, or if you simply want to enhance your dog’s training, SitDropStay provides personalized training plans tailored to your specific needs.

Founded in 2005 by Director and Head Trainer, George Lygidakis, SitDropStay was established to address the growing need for improved quality in dog training and behavior modification. George’s vision was to offer a more respectful and effective approach to interacting with dogs and changing their behavior, moving beyond traditional training methods that may not always be relevant to everyday life. SitDropStay believes in the power of loving leadership and connection to transform a dog’s behavior, emphasizing the importance of understanding and communicating with dogs on a deeper, instinctual level.

At SitDropStay Central Coast, expert dog trainer Linnea Olle, with her background in animal behavior and training, works closely with dog owners to create the desired behavioral outcomes for their pets. By focusing on energy, body language, and emotions as primary forms of communication, SitDropStay aims to help dog owners build a strong, cooperative relationship with their furry companions. Through personalized training sessions and lifestyle-based approaches, SitDropStay Central Coast strives to empower dog owners to achieve lasting results and a harmonious bond with their dogs.