Detailed Information

SitDropStay Cairns is a reputable dog training business that specializes in providing effective and holistic training solutions for dogs and puppies in the Cairns region. Led by the experienced and passionate dog trainer, Brett Males, the team at SitDropStay Cairns is dedicated to helping dog owners establish a strong foundation of training and create the desired behavior in their furry companions. Whether you are looking for general training, behavior modification, or puppy training, Brett and his team can address a wide range of issues such as anxiety, aggression, pulling, jumping, and more.

With a focus on private lifestyle-based training, SitDropStay Cairns believes in creating a fulfilling and loving relationship between dogs and their owners. By understanding the unique needs of each dog and owner, the team tailors their training sessions to address specific challenges and goals. Through a deep understanding of the human-canine connection and a commitment to using natural and respectful training methods, SitDropStay Cairns aims to help dog owners achieve a rewarding and harmonious relationship with their pets.

Founded in 2005 by Director and Head Trainer, George Lygidakis, SitDropStay Cairns is part of a larger network of dog training businesses that advocate for a more effective and compassionate approach to dog training. By emphasizing the importance of communication, energy, and connection in training sessions, SitDropStay Cairns aims to create calm, cooperative, and well-behaved dogs. If you are seeking professional assistance to address behavioral issues or improve your dog’s training, SitDropStay Cairns is dedicated to providing personalized and results-driven solutions to help you and your canine companion thrive.