Detailed Information

Singleton Heights Veterinary Hospital, located at 9 Bailey Close in Singleton Heights, New South Wales 2330, is a premier veterinary hospital offering a comprehensive range of surgical procedures for companion animals. Led by a team of highly skilled professionals including Marcel Walsh BVSc (Hons I), Kirsten Ledger BVSc, Angie the Vet Nurse, Kristy the Vet Nurse, and Zoe the Vet Nurse, our hospital specializes in companion animal surgery. We provide expert surgical services to other veterinarians who may require additional support or expertise in this field.

At Singleton Heights Veterinary Hospital, we excel in a variety of surgical procedures for companion animals, including but not limited to Cruciate Repair, Fracture Repair Plating, Carpal Arthrodesis, Luxating Patella Surgery, and Perineal Hernia Repair. Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is equipped with advanced anaesthetic equipment, ensuring the highest level of care and safety for our patients. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, our team conducts routine desexings with thorough monitoring and follow-up care to ensure the well-being of every animal under our care.

With a commitment to excellence and compassion, Singleton Heights Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing top-notch surgical services for companion animals in the Singleton area. Our team’s expertise, combined with our cutting-edge facilities and equipment, ensures that every surgical procedure is performed with the utmost care and professionalism. Trust us to deliver exceptional surgical care for your beloved pets.