Detailed Information

Silverleaves Labradoodles is a reputable Australian Labradoodle breeder based in Melbourne, Victoria. Specializing in medium fleece litters in a variety of colors such as chocolate, black, gold, and phantoms, Silverleaves Labradoodles is dedicated to sharing the love of owning these delightful and intelligent dogs. With a focus on responsible breeding practices, the team at Silverleaves Labradoodles ensures that each litter is carefully planned based on demand, guaranteeing that their puppies find loving forever homes.

Founded by Lyndsey, with a background in breeding Labradoodles, and Chloe, a registered veterinarian with a passion for animal care and training, Silverleaves Labradoodles combines expertise in breeding and animal health to produce well-adjusted and healthy puppies. The breeding dogs undergo thorough health testing for common genetic conditions and hip and elbow scoring to ensure the highest quality offspring. By utilizing Puppy Culture and Badass Breeder methods, Silverleaves Labradoodles provides a nurturing environment for their puppies to thrive and develop into ideal family pets.

With a commitment to offering personalized attention and care to each puppy, Silverleaves Labradoodles aims to match families with the perfect companion. Whether you are looking to welcome a new furry friend into your home or seeking more information about their breeding practices, Silverleaves Labradoodles invites you to connect with them to learn more about their adorable Labradoodle puppies.