Detailed Information

Shoalhaven Animal Shelter & Pound is a dedicated facility located at 19 Nowra Hill Road in Nowra Hill, NSW, Australia. Specializing in reuniting lost pets and livestock with their owners, the shelter offers microchipping services to ensure the safety and identification of animals. Additionally, the shelter manages the adoption process for pets in need of rehoming, providing a caring environment for those looking to adopt a new furry friend.

With a team of trained staff members, Shoalhaven Animal Shelter offers microchipping services for pets to help prevent the distress of losing an animal. The shelter serves as the main collection point for lost animals in the area, providing a central location for owners to check if their missing pets have been found. In cases where pet owners can no longer care for their animals, the shelter offers advice and options to ensure the well-being of the pets.

Shoalhaven Animal Shelter & Pound encourages responsible pet ownership and aims to address issues related to nuisance animals in the community. From assisting with barking dog complaints to providing guidance on keeping cats safe and preventing roaming animals, the shelter is committed to promoting harmony between pets, their owners, and the local environment. By offering services such as cat trapping and education on animal welfare, the shelter plays a vital role in ensuring the welfare of animals in the Shoalhaven region.