Detailed Information

Shiralea Pet Resort is a premier pet accommodation facility located in Allendale East, South Australia. Established in 2000 to complement their Miniature Pinscher breeding program, the resort offers a luxurious and comfortable stay for both large and small dogs. The facility boasts separate areas for different-sized dogs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all furry guests.

Large dogs at Shiralea Pet Resort enjoy spacious individual private yards with views of the surrounding paddock. Each enclosure is equipped with various accommodation options, including kennels, walk-in bedrooms, and deluxe rooms with amenities like heaters, carpeted patios, and water features. The resort prioritizes the well-being of the dogs by not mixing them with other unfamiliar dogs, except for those from the same family.

For small dogs, Shiralea Pet Resort offers basic enclosures as well as deluxe suites with private bedrooms, sheepskin rugs, and outdoor courtyards. The exercise areas are thoughtfully designed with river pebbles or lawns for the dogs to run and play safely. With a focus on comfort, cleanliness, and individualized care, Shiralea Pet Resort provides a top-notch experience for pets while their owners are away.