Detailed Information

Shiralea Pet Resort and Miniature Pinschers is a renowned establishment that has been in operation since 2000, specializing in providing top-notch care for both large and small dogs. Situated at 109 Kingsley Road in Allendale East, South Australia, this pet resort offers a unique experience for your furry companions. The facility boasts separate areas for large and small dogs, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free environment for all guests.

  • For large dogs, the resort features individual private yards with picturesque views of the paddock. Each enclosure is equipped with various accommodation options, including kennels, walk-in bedrooms, a panel van, a Holden sedan, and deluxe rooms with premium amenities such as a DVD player, heater, leadlight window, carpeted patio, mirror, and water feature. The spacious exercise area is securely fenced, allowing dogs to run and play freely.
  • Small dogs are catered to with basic enclosures and a dedicated exercise yard filled with river pebbles for them to frolic and exercise. The cozy bedrooms come with flea-free sack beds and shade cloth canopies, ensuring a peaceful and relaxing stay. Additionally, deluxe suites are available, featuring private bedrooms with plush beds, sheepskin rugs, small outdoor courtyards, and a lush lawn for playtime.

At Shiralea Pet Resort and Miniature Pinschers, the well-being and happiness of your pets are paramount. The dedicated team, led by Lynne and Leon, ensures that each dog receives personalized care and attention. With a commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment, this establishment is the ideal choice for pet owners seeking premium accommodation and care for their beloved canine companions.