Detailed Information

Sheehan’s Australian Cobberdogs is a reputable and ethical breeding business specializing in the development of the unique pure breed dog, the Australian Cobberdog. This breed has been carefully cultivated to exhibit hypoallergenic coats and gentle temperaments, making them ideal for training in assistance and therapy roles. With a focus on quality over quantity, Sheehan’s Australian Cobberdogs pride themselves on producing dogs with distinct characteristics such as sustained eye contact, emotional warmth, intelligence, and a calm nature.

Founded by Donal and Lisa Sheehan, a family deeply passionate about dogs, Sheehan’s Australian Cobberdogs operate from a loving home environment where their dogs are raised as cherished members of the family. Each litter is born in a luxury puppy room, ensuring optimal care and comfort for the puppies. The Sheehans’ commitment to responsible breeding practices includes a thorough matchmaking process to ensure that all puppies find suitable and loving forever homes, thereby contributing to the solution of animal abandonment issues.

With a bespoke breeding program designed to cater to modern families seeking hypoallergenic companions, Sheehan’s Australian Cobberdogs offer a limited number of litters each year, focusing on genetic outcomes that prioritize coat quality and therapy temperament. Their dedication to the well-being of both their dogs and the families they serve sets them apart as high-end boutique breeders in the industry, with a growing reputation for the exceptional qualities of their Australian Cobberdogs.