Detailed Information

Selwood House Vet Hospital, located in the picturesque Hazelbrook area of the Blue Mountains, is a renowned veterinary practice dedicated to providing top-notch care for beloved pets. Founded by Lawrence, a seasoned veterinarian with a background in primary accession and exotic animal referral hospitals, Selwood House offers evidence-based, best practice veterinary services in a beautiful aesthetic environment. The team at Selwood House is committed to ensuring the well-being of furry companions and building lasting relationships with their clients.

With a team of experienced veterinarians including Mark, Dr. Lynn, Gemma, Dr. Maddie, and a group of dedicated veterinary nurses like Alana, Zoe, Cheraya, Lesley, and Brooke, Selwood House Vet Hospital offers a wide range of services from general veterinary medicine and surgery to specialized care in areas such as small animal dental health, avian medicine, and behavior consultations. The practice prides itself on its warm and friendly staff who go above and beyond to make both pets and their owners feel welcome and cared for.

Whether it’s emergency treatment in the early hours of the morning, holistic care for senior pets, or soft tissue surgery, Selwood House Vet Hospital is known for its exceptional service and compassionate approach. Clients have praised the team for their professionalism, knowledge, and the personal touch they bring to each interaction. If you’re looking for a veterinary practice that treats your furry friends like family, Selwood House Vet Hospital is the place to go.