Detailed Information

Secure Paws & Claws is a reputable business based in Bassendean, Perth, WA, Australia, offering a range of professional services for dogs and cats. Led by Louise Joesbury, a Certified Positive Reinforcement Assistance Dog Trainer and Certified Dog & Cat Groomer, the business specializes in positive dog training and behavior modification. With a focus on ‘Positive Reward Reinforcement’ and ‘Force Free’ training practices, Secure Paws & Claws ensures exemplary services based on the latest scientific research and extensive experience in working with animals.

The business provides a unique training strategy that combines general dog obedience with fun game strategies to build confidence, resilience, focus, calmness, and trust in dogs. Specializing in ‘Positive’ Dog Training & Behavior and Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming services, Secure Paws & Claws offers assistance to dogs with various behavioral issues, including nervousness, anxiety, and aggression. Additionally, the business incorporates therapeutic grade essential oils and treatments to provide a calming and supportive grooming experience for pets.

With over 35 years of professional experience, Secure Paws & Claws offers grooming services for both dogs and cats, including nail clipping, coat clipping, and gland expression. The business also specializes in identifying and addressing physical and behavioral issues in pets, such as skin conditions, postural discomforts, and infections. Committed to holistic pet care, Secure Paws & Claws promotes a ‘Reward for Calmness & Be Pawsitive’ motto, emphasizing positive reinforcement and a comprehensive approach to improving the well-being of pets and their owners.