Detailed Information

Seaford Veterinary Hospital is a small, friendly clinic located in Seaford, on Port Phillip Bay, where all pet patients are treated like family. With over 25 years of experience, our dedicated team of highly experienced veterinarians and nurses prioritize the health and wellness of pets in Seaford and its surrounding areas. We offer a full range of pet health services, wellness, and preventative care to ensure that your beloved pets feel their best.

Our modern veterinary practice is equipped with the latest technology to provide the most up-to-date options for your pet’s care. From standard desexing to orthopaedics, dental care, and emergency surgery, our team of veterinary professionals is committed to providing the best possible care for your furry companions. We also offer a range of healthcare services to promote your pet’s optimum health and longevity, ensuring they remain happy and healthy companions for years to come.

Seaford Veterinary Hospital is proud to be a sister clinic to Carrum Downs Veterinary Hospital, sharing the same values, passion, and commitment to excellence in pet care. Our team is dedicated to making vet visits less stressful for both pets and their owners, offering a compassionate approach and utilizing programs like Ceva’s Calm Clinic Pheromone Program to provide a calming environment. Join us in welcoming your new puppy or kitten to the family and let our expert team guide you through all the necessary steps to ensure their health and happiness.