Detailed Information

Scentsational Sniffers is a premier business offering ACSW K9 Nosework® and ANKC Scent Work classes in The Southern Highlands and Macarthur Regions in NSW. Led by Sue, a Certified Nosework Instructor and ACSW Judge, the business specializes in training dogs in various sports, including flyball, agility, obedience, rally O, K9 NoseWork®, and Dock Diving. With a deep passion for K9 NoseWork®, Sue has been involved in the sport since 2013 and has achieved remarkable success in competitions, including titles at NW1 and NW2 levels.

  • Address: PO BOX 442 Picton NSW 2571
  • Contact: 0411101223
  • Services: K9 NoseWork® classes available in Douglas Park, Berrima, Wilton, Camden & Thirlmere NSW
  • Experience: Sue has owned dogs since 1998 and has extensive experience in training and titling dogs in various sports
  • Achievements: Notable achievements include being the first border collie in Australia to gain a NW1 title, as well as securing top positions in NW1 trials

Scentsational Sniffers is dedicated to providing high-quality training for dogs and their owners, focusing on the exciting world of K9 NoseWork®. Sue’s expertise, combined with her love for dogs and passion for the sport, ensures that each class is engaging, educational, and tailored to the unique needs of every canine participant. Whether you are looking to introduce your dog to a new activity or enhance their skills in scent work, Scentsational Sniffers offers a welcoming environment for dogs of all breeds and skill levels to thrive and succeed.