Detailed Information

Scent Shepherds is a renowned business specializing in training dogs for truffle hunting. With a team of expert trainers and handlers, we work closely with various breeds of dogs to hone their natural abilities in detecting truffles. Our dogs are carefully selected and trained to excel in this specialized field, ensuring top-notch performance and results for our clients.

At Scent Shepherds, we take pride in our dedication to the art of truffle hunting and the bond we share with our canine companions. Our dogs are not just working animals; they are valued members of our team and family. Through positive reinforcement and specialized training techniques, we cultivate a harmonious relationship with our dogs, allowing them to showcase their exceptional skills in truffle detection.

Whether you are a truffle enthusiast looking to experience the thrill of truffle hunting with our trained dogs or a truffle farmer seeking assistance in maximizing your harvest, Scent Shepherds is your go-to partner. Our commitment to excellence, passion for truffle hunting, and love for our canine partners set us apart in the industry, making us a trusted name in the world of truffle detection.