Detailed Information

SBS Cats is a reputable breeder specializing in the breeding of British Shorthair cats. Our primary goal is to produce beautiful and healthy kittens that bring joy, love, and laughter to families for years to come. We prioritize the wellbeing of our kittens, queens, and studs, ensuring they are nurtured in a loving environment to be confident and happy before joining their new forever homes. Our commitment to ethical breeding practices focuses on quality over quantity, with a strong emphasis on improving the breed standards.

At SBS Cats, we take pride in our pedigree kittens and the care we provide to each cat in our family home. Our cats are raised in a stimulating environment around children, other pets, and farm animals, contributing to the development of their sweet personalities. We offer a comprehensive Kitten Starter Pack to support the transition of our kittens to their new homes, complete with pedigree papers showcasing their lineage. As a breeder that actively participates in cat shows, we uphold high breeding standards to ensure that our kittens meet the expectations of quality and health.

With a focus on ethical, healthy, and loving breeding practices, SBS Cats stands out as a dedicated breeder committed to the wellbeing of our feline companions. Our testimonials speak to the passion and conscientiousness of our breeder, Marcellus, who goes above and beyond to provide families with treasured additions like King Solomon. If you are looking for a reputable breeder that prioritizes the care and quality of British Shorthair cats, SBS Cats is the perfect choice for finding your new furry family member.