Detailed Information

Save a Pet Foundation Ltd is a compassionate organization dedicated to rescuing and caring for cats and kittens in need. Throughout the year, they receive numerous requests to help rescue these animals, including pregnant cats that require special care. The foundation never abandons a mother cat and her family, ensuring they are rescued and cared for together. By sponsoring a cat or kitten displayed on their page, individuals can directly contribute to buying food, medicinal products, and overall betterment of care for these animals.

At Save a Pet Foundation Ltd, each cat has a unique personality and story, making them suitable for various homes. From Ruby, a placid and friendly cat who gets along well with others, to Molly, a clean and loving feline that is easy to look after, there are cats of all types waiting for their forever homes. Tonto, born within the shelter and playful, and Sally and Ginger, who can keep each other company, are just a few examples of the wonderful cats available for adoption.

Additionally, Save a Pet Foundation Ltd is actively involved in raising awareness about animal abuse, recognizing its link to violence towards both animals and humans. Through their efforts and the support of the community, the foundation aims to provide a safe and loving environment for cats and kittens in need. Located at 12 Rosebrook Ave, The Ponds NSW 2769, Australia, Save a Pet Foundation Ltd welcomes those interested in adopting or supporting their cause to get in touch and make a difference in the lives of these animals.