Detailed Information

SASH – the Small Animal Specialist Hospital, located in Tuggerah on the Central Coast, is a leading veterinary hospital offering a wide range of specialist veterinary departments and 24/7 Emergency & Critical Care services. With a focus on providing the most comprehensive level of multidisciplinary specialist vet care, SASH Central Coast is part of the larger SASH network, which includes SASH North Ryde, Australia’s largest specialist and emergency hospital. The hospital serves patients from the Central Coast region, including Gosford, Newcastle, and surrounding areas, providing expert care for dogs, cats, and small animals.

At SASH, the dedicated teams believe in delivering the highest standards of veterinary care through clinical expertise and compassion in a caring and supportive environment. The hospital’s specialist departments cover a range of services, from internal medicine to surgery, and include state-of-the-art diagnostics such as CT and MRI. The hospital also offers specialized therapeutics like radiation oncology and dialysis, as well as pioneering rehabilitation facilities. The focus on collaborative, integrated care for patients and their families is at the core of the SASH experience.

Owned and operated by veterinarians, SASH is committed to providing top-quality care for pets and their families. The hospital does not offer services for stray animals or boarding but focuses on delivering expert veterinary care for dogs, cats, and small animals, including specialized services like oncology and pituitary disorder treatments. With a team of highly skilled specialists and a network of hospitals across Australia, SASH is dedicated to helping pets live their best lives through exceptional veterinary care.