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Sarah Hodgson, operating under the business name Sarah Says Pets, is a renowned dog trainer, behavior consultant, podcaster, and author of several acclaimed books in the field, such as “Puppies for Dummies” and the upcoming “Dog Anxiety for Dummies.” With a philosophy centered on creating safe and happy environments for dogs, cats, and their owners, Sarah emphasizes the importance of understanding and communication in pet training. Through force-free methods, she helps clients comprehend the motivations behind their pets’ behaviors, fostering a sense of mutual understanding, confidence, and intelligence.

At Sarah Says Pets, the focus is not on controlling pets but on establishing effective communication channels. Sarah believes in instilling impulse control and good manners in pets by associating words with actions, akin to teaching English as a second language. By reshaping routines and interactions, Sarah aims to help clients appreciate the valuable life lessons that pets can impart, such as fun, forgiveness, and living in the moment. Her approach challenges traditional dominance-based training methods, advocating for a fun, fear-free, and inclusive training experience for both pets and their owners.

Client testimonials attest to Sarah’s deep understanding of dogs, compassionate approach, and transformative impact on pets and their families. Whether through private sessions, group classes, remote consultations, or specialized imprinting programs for young puppies, Sarah’s personalized training plans cater to the unique needs and lifestyles of each client. With a commitment to fostering harmonious relationships between pets and their owners, Sarah Hodgson and Sarah Says Pets stand out as a trusted partner in the journey towards a well-behaved and happy pet.