Detailed Information

Sandstone Point Veterinary Surgeons is a privately-owned veterinary practice located near the picturesque Bribie Island in Queensland. Specializing in small animal care, our clinic was established in 2009 as a mobile service before transitioning to a purpose-built facility in 2019. With a recent expansion, we are fully equipped to meet all your pets’ needs, providing top-notch medical and surgical services.

Our dedicated team is led by Dr. Brooke, a passionate veterinarian with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from James Cook University. Dr. Kristen, another skilled veterinarian, brings a wealth of experience in treating various animals, from dogs and cats to livestock. Our team of vet nurses, including Tammy, Suzie, and Charlotte, are committed to delivering compassionate care and ensuring the well-being of your furry companions.

At Sandstone Point Veterinary Surgeons, we pride ourselves on offering a personalized and independent clinic experience. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of care for your pets, with all staff members regularly updating their skills through ongoing professional education. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and entrust your beloved pets to our experienced and caring team.