Detailed Information

SA Veterinary Sonography is a leading provider of high-quality mobile ultrasound services for veterinary clinics in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. Led by Dr. Jennifer Judd, a highly skilled and experienced veterinarian with a passion for veterinary imaging, SA Veterinary Sonography specializes in offering comprehensive abdominal, thoracic, pregnancy, urogenital, and echocardiogram ultrasounds using state-of-the-art equipment. Dr. Judd’s dedication to providing accurate and detailed diagnostic images allows primary veterinarians to make informed decisions and tailored treatment plans for their patients.

With a focus on non-invasive diagnostic modalities, SA Veterinary Sonography is committed to delivering exceptional care and service to both patients and referring veterinarians. Dr. Judd’s expertise in small animal radiology, backed by her ANZCVS Membership, ensures that each ultrasound examination is thorough and systematic, providing valuable insights into the health of the patient. Whether it’s detecting abdominal abnormalities, assessing cardiac function, or diagnosing urogenital issues, SA Veterinary Sonography offers a convenient and reliable solution for veterinary clinics seeking advanced imaging services.

By partnering with SA Veterinary Sonography, veterinary clinics can benefit from Dr. Judd’s expertise, personalized service, and dedication to delivering accurate and timely ultrasound reports. With a focus on building strong client relationships and providing collegial support, SA Veterinary Sonography is a trusted partner in enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of veterinary practices across Adelaide and South Australia.