Detailed Information

Rural Vets Australia is a unique veterinary practice, dedicated to serving the communities and graziers of far western New South Wales. Founded and led by principal veterinarian Sophie Hemley, the practice operates out of a fully equipped mobile clinic that travels to properties and rural communities for added convenience. With a focus on providing top-quality veterinary care, Rural Vets Australia caters to both production and companion animal clients who have historically faced challenges in accessing reliable services.

Sophie Hemley, the driving force behind Rural Vets Australia, brings a wealth of experience to the practice, particularly in livestock veterinary care. Having worked extensively in western regions and as a mixed practice locum veterinarian across rural New South Wales, Sophie understands the unique obstacles posed by distance and time in remote and isolated areas. Her passion for production animal medicine and working dogs is evident in the personalized care and attention to detail she provides to every client.

Through the innovative use of telemedicine consultations via the Phone a Vet app, Rural Vets Australia is breaking down barriers to quality veterinary care. By offering services that transcend geographical limitations, the practice ensures that even those in the most remote locations can access expert veterinary advice and support. Join the Rural Vets Australia community today by registering your interest and signing up for their newsletter to stay informed about the latest developments and offerings.