Detailed Information

RSPCA Warrnambool is a dedicated animal welfare organization that provides care and protection to animals in need. Our shelter currently houses thousands of animals, including those in foster care and undergoing veterinary treatment. These animals urgently require Guardian Angels to support them during what may be the most challenging time in their lives. Our team of inspectors works tirelessly to rescue and defend innocent animals from cruelty and neglect, ensuring they receive the care and love they deserve.

With over 150 years of experience in animal welfare, RSPCA Warrnambool relies on the generosity of our supporters to continue our life-saving work. Our organization is committed to ending cruelty to animals and improving their welfare across Victoria. Through donations and sponsorships, we are able to provide essential care, rehabilitation, and fostering for animals in need. Every purchase made at our stores directly contributes to helping homeless and neglected animals, making a significant impact on their lives.

Whether you are a new horse owner, a hobby farmer, or simply interested in equine management, RSPCA Warrnambool offers educational courses to enhance your knowledge and skills in caring for horses. By participating in our hands-on courses led by experts, you will learn essential practices such as promoting natural behaviors in horses, first aid, nutrition, and more. Join us in making a difference for animals by supporting our mission to create a world free from animal cruelty and neglect.