Detailed Information

RSPCA ACT, located in Weston, has been a pillar of animal welfare in the Canberra community since 1955. Committed to helping, protecting, and advocating for better animal welfare, RSPCA ACT envisions a community free of neglect and cruelty, where every animal has the opportunity to find a loving home. With a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and supporters, RSPCA ACT provides a wide range of services, including cat boarding, dog training, and educational programs for children.

With over 370 animals in their care at any given time, RSPCA ACT relies on the generosity and support of the community to continue their vital work. Whether through donations, volunteering, fostering, or participating in fundraising events, individuals can play a crucial role in ensuring that animals in need receive the care and attention they deserve. By choosing to utilize RSPCA ACT’s services, individuals directly contribute to the welfare of over 2,000 lost, abandoned, abused, and neglected animals that pass through the shelter each year.

As a registered charity, RSPCA ACT operates under the guiding principles of the Five Freedoms for animals, striving to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all creatures in their care. Through their unwavering commitment to animal welfare and the tireless efforts of their dedicated team, RSPCA ACT stands as a beacon of hope for animals in the ACT region, working towards a future where no animal is left behind or neglected.