Detailed Information

ROXYRAGS is a reputable and registered breeder specializing in the breeding of high-quality Ragdoll cats. Located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, ROXYRAGS operates as a small in-home breeding cattery that is registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy South Australia. With a focus on maintaining the health and well-being of their Ragdoll cats and kittens, ROXYRAGS is a closed cattery that prioritizes the care and socialization of their feline companions.

As a passionate hobby breeder, ROXYRAGS aims to produce healthy and top-quality Ragdoll kittens that embody the breed’s signature sweet and gentle temperament. Their cats are first and foremost beloved pets, with breeding as a secondary consideration. All kittens are raised indoors as part of the family, ensuring they are well-socialized and accustomed to household noises, making for an easy transition to their new homes. ROXYRAGS actively participates in cat shows to ensure their breeding practices align with the Ragdoll standard, with notable achievements such as ACF AoE SILVER – GOLD DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION ROXYRAGS MISS DOLLY DIVA.

Known for their lap cat qualities, Ragdolls are cherished for their affectionate nature, stunning blue eyes, and calm demeanor. ROXYRAGS emphasizes the importance of responsible pet ownership, highlighting the dangers of lily ingestion in cats and advocating for awareness within the community. With a commitment to breeding excellence and promoting the unique characteristics of Ragdolls, ROXYRAGS stands as a trusted source for those seeking a loving companion with the purrfect personality.