Detailed Information

Rover Pet Products is a prominent Australian manufacturer and distributor of premium pet accessories, specializing in a diverse range of products for dogs. Based in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, this family-owned business takes pride in producing high-quality pet items, including custom dog collars, orthopedic dog beds, and a variety of tasty and healthy dog treats. With a focus on Australian-made certification, Rover Pet Products ensures that all their offerings meet stringent quality standards.

One of the standout features of Rover Pet Products is their commitment to manufacturing locally, exemplified by their popular orthopedic dog beds such as the TuffMat!, PlushMat!, and PlushMat! Plus. The company’s dedication to quality control and non-toxicity sets them apart in the industry, with a team of skilled individuals involved in every step of the production process. Additionally, as the Australian and New Zealand distributor for SodaPup tough toys, Rover Pet Products offers durable and interactive toys that come with a 30-day replacement guarantee, emphasizing their focus on providing long-lasting and safe products for pets.

With a strong emphasis on supporting the local economy and sourcing materials locally whenever possible, Rover Pet Products aims to provide pet owners with innovative and reliable solutions for their furry companions. Their range of products, including the Get Home Safe Collars & Leads and the Rover SleepTech bedding line, reflects their passion for ensuring that every dog enjoys a comfortable and premium experience. Through their dedication to quality manufacturing practices and partnerships with like-minded companies such as SodaPup, Rover Pet Products continues to be a trusted name in the pet industry, offering pet owners peace of mind and pets a cozy place to rest.