Detailed Information

Rouse Hill Family Vets is a compassionate veterinary practice located at 10/591 Withers Road in Rouse Hill, NSW. Specializing in palliative and end-of-life care for senior pets, the clinic is dedicated to providing excellent services to furry family members during their golden years. Founded by a veterinarian and veterinary acupuncturist with a deep love for senior animals, Rouse Hill Family Vets offers a range of services to ensure the comfort and well-being of aging pets.

With a focus on quality of life and personalized care, Rouse Hill Family Vets understands the unique challenges that come with caring for senior pets. The clinic’s founder was inspired by her own beloved furbabies, Jack and Percy, to create a service that prioritizes the needs of aging animals. From pain management to anxiety relief, the team at Rouse Hill Family Vets is committed to supporting both pets and their families through every stage of the aging process.

In addition to their regular veterinary services, Rouse Hill Family Vets also offers in-home euthanasia services by appointment outside of regular opening hours. This compassionate approach allows pets to say goodbye in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by the love of their families. For pet owners seeking specialized care and support for their senior animals, Rouse Hill Family Vets is a trusted partner in providing dignified and loving end-of-life care.