Detailed Information

Rosie Pets is a premier pet care service dedicated to providing top-quality grooming and pampering for your beloved furry friends. With over 10 years of experience in the pet care industry, our team of highly skilled dog groomers at Rosie Pets are genuine pet lovers who will treat your pet with the utmost care and attention. Our main focus is on animal care, professionalism, and quality, ensuring that your pet receives the love and pampering it deserves.

Owned and operated by Jane, a passionate animal lover and experienced dog groomer, Rosie Pets combines her love for animals with her expertise in grooming to create a unique and personalized experience for every pet. Jane’s dedication to providing individualized care and attention to each pet sets Rosie Pets apart in the pet care industry. Whether your pet needs a simple grooming session or a full pampering treatment, Rosie Pets is committed to meeting the unique needs of pets and their owners at all times.

Specializing in dog grooming services, Rosie Pets caters to a variety of breeds, ensuring that each pet receives the specific care and attention it requires. Our team of reliable and experienced groomers are trained to handle all types of dogs, from small breeds to large breeds, with care and compassion. At Rosie Pets, we treat your pet as if it were our own, providing a safe and comfortable environment for grooming and pampering services.