Detailed Information

Rosewood Farm is a diverse and tranquil business located in Lara, Victoria. Founded by two individuals with a passion for country living, the farm spans 5 acres and offers a range of services and activities. From a boarding cattery for cats to storage solutions for caravans and household items, Rosewood Farm caters to a variety of needs. The farm is also home to a small flock of free-range chickens, with their eggs distributed to customers in Lara and Melbourne.

Aside from the animal-related services, Rosewood Farm is also involved in working dog training and breeding. With private lessons available for all skill levels, the farm provides a unique opportunity for dogs to train on a working farm with livestock. Additionally, the farm recently introduced a canine underwater treadmill, offering a specialized fitness facility for dogs in the Greater Geelong area. The treadmill features adjustable water levels, running speeds, and resistance settings to cater to each dog’s exercise requirements.

Committed to supporting the local community, Rosewood Farm works with a dedicated team of suppliers and tradespeople. The farm values local partnerships and actively seeks new suppliers to join their network. With a focus on providing personalized care and attention to both animals and customers, Rosewood Farm embodies a welcoming and professional environment for all visitors and clients.