Detailed Information

Roseona Cavoodles, owned by Tracie and her husband Brett, is a reputable dog breeding business specializing in Cavoodles. With 12 years of experience in breeding dogs, Tracie initially started with Kelpies and Collies before focusing on Cavoodles. The pack, including the adorable Cavoodle puppies, is raised in a healthy and loving environment, ensuring their well-being and socialization. Tracie holds full membership to the Responsible Pet Dog Breeders, emphasizing the ethical practices followed in the breeding process.

The breeding stock at Roseona Cavoodles consists of King Charles Cavalier mums and Poodle dads, all beloved members of the family. The business produces beautiful 1st Generation & F1b Cavoodles in various colors, ensuring genetic testing to guarantee the puppies are free from any hereditary issues. The dogs and puppies are fed a daily raw diet supplemented with a small kibble portion, promoting their overall health and vitality. Cavoodles are known for their gentle nature, outgoing personality, and love for family activities, making them ideal companions for individuals and families alike.

At Roseona Cavoodles, Tracie’s passion for photography ensures that each puppy receives updated pictures, videos, and information, allowing prospective owners to stay connected with their future furry family member. The business also offers transportation services for families residing in other states, further extending their reach to potential Cavoodle owners. With a focus on quality breeding practices and a commitment to providing well-socialized and healthy puppies, Roseona Cavoodles stands out as a trusted source for Cavoodle enthusiasts seeking a new addition to their family.