Detailed Information

Rosedown Boarding Cattery is a premier cat boarding facility nestled in the serene and picturesque valley of Silvan, just 45 minutes east of central Melbourne. Our cattery offers a tranquil retreat for cats of all breeds, providing a peaceful environment for short or long stays. Cats can enjoy lounging in the sun, exploring play areas, or finding a cozy spot to rest, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience during their time with us.

With a focus on cleanliness and comfort, Rosedown Boarding Cattery has recently upgraded its facilities to provide a modern and inviting space for our feline guests. Whether your cat prefers outdoor adventures or indoor relaxation, our cattery caters to their individual needs and preferences. Our dedicated team of cat lovers is committed to making sure each cat’s stay is enjoyable, offering personalized care and attention to ensure their well-being.

At Rosedown Boarding Cattery, we welcome inspections for pet owners to see firsthand the quality of care and facilities we provide. For those in need of transportation assistance, we offer pick up and delivery services to make the boarding experience as convenient as possible. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover why Rosedown Boarding Cattery is the ideal choice for your cat’s next stay.