Detailed Information

Room 4 Pets is a highly reputable pet store located in the Eastern suburbs, dedicated to ethical practices and exceptional standards for over a decade. Specializing in matching the best pets and Rescue Pets with caring owners, our priority is always the welfare of our animals. With a strong commitment to re-homing, we have successfully placed over 1,500 Rescue Pets in loving homes, including elderly and special-needs animals that are often challenging to re-home.

As an independent, Aussie-owned business, Room 4 Pets stands out as a single-store operation, ensuring a personalized and dedicated approach to animal care. Our team of passionate animal lovers is extensively trained and selected based on their unwavering dedication to animal welfare. We take pride in our voluntary Lifetime Re-homing Guarantee, offering peace of mind to pet owners that their furry companions will always have a loving home, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Located at 1040/500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Room 4 Pets can be reached at (02) 9389 4373 or 0423-832588. If you are looking to enrich your life with a pet while supporting ethical practices and animal welfare, Room 4 Pets is the ideal destination to find your perfect companion.