Detailed Information

Rockley Valley Park Cavoodles is a family-run business located at 1557 Rockley Rd, Fosters Valley NSW 2795, Australia. Specializing in ethical dog breeding, they focus on producing exceptional Cavoodle puppies and other companion dogs with a strong emphasis on physical and mental health. Founded by John Grima, who has over 34 years of experience in the pet care industry, and his wife Siggy, the business is dedicated to providing the best possible care for their four-legged friends.

The breeding program at Rockley Valley Park is committed to ensuring the well-being of their dogs from conception to the time they join their new families. They pride themselves on raising puppies in a loving and healthy environment, with a focus on matching each puppy with a suitable and caring owner. The facility boasts state-of-the-art features such as grassed exercise yards, insulated kennels, grooming facilities, and a vet inspection area, setting a new standard in the pet industry.

Rockley Valley Park Cavoodles stands out for their dedication to responsible pet ownership and the welfare of all animals in their care. They work closely with organizations like the RSPCA and Animal Welfare League to maintain high standards of animal welfare. With a commitment to breeding for good temperament and health, not trends, and a focus on educating other breeders on best practices, Rockley Valley Park is a trusted destination for those seeking a loyal and smart Cavoodle companion.