Detailed Information

Robert Parkinson Dog Trainer is a reputable and experienced dog training service based in suburban Manningham South Australia. With over 45 years of expertise in the field, Robert Parkinson offers tailored solutions to address a wide range of dog behavior issues. Specializing in puppy training, family training, and creating a safe environment for children and dogs, Robert Parkinson focuses on fostering mutual respect, trust, and confidence between dogs and their owners.

With a passion for promoting safe and enjoyable interactions between dogs and families, Robert Parkinson emphasizes the importance of understanding the responsibility of owning a dog and the necessity of effective training. From addressing aggression problems to teaching obedience and family structure, Robert Parkinson Dog Trainer aims to provide a rewarding experience for both dogs and their owners. Large group presentations are also available for schools, clubs, and corporate organizations, showcasing Robert Parkinson’s commitment to educating the community on responsible dog ownership.

Robert Parkinson’s instruction methods draw from a wealth of experience working with various breeds and fields, ensuring a comprehensive approach to dog training. Whether meeting clients at a convenient park or in the comfort of their own homes, Robert Parkinson offers initial 90-minute consultations to assess and address specific dog behavior issues. Through a “Dogs ‘n’ Kids” safety program, Robert Parkinson has positively impacted thousands of primary school children, supported by local Councils and the SA Dog and Cat Management Board.