Detailed Information

ROAR Dog Training is a locally owned and operated business founded by Sharni, a dedicated and experienced dog trainer with a passion for helping dogs and their owners achieve training success. Specializing in Reactive, Obedience, Adolescent, and Rescue (ROAR) training, Sharni has a proven track record of effectively addressing a wide range of behavioral issues in dogs, from basic obedience to complex rescue rehabilitation.

With a strong foundation in dog behavior and training methodologies, ROAR Dog Training offers personalized training sessions tailored to each dog’s specific needs and training goals. Whether it’s in-home training, group classes, or combo packages, Sharni ensures that both the dog and owner receive the necessary support and guidance to foster a positive training experience and lasting results.

Servicing areas in and around Bundaberg, Bargara, Hervey Bay, and more, ROAR Dog Training is committed to providing professional and effective training solutions that prioritize the well-being and development of every dog. Sharni’s hands-on experience, coupled with a deep understanding of dog body language and behavior, sets ROAR Dog Training apart as a reliable and results-driven partner in your dog training journey.