Detailed Information

Results Dog Training, led by Orlando dos Santos, is a premier dog training business that specializes in providing force-free, positive reinforcement training solutions for dogs of all ages and breeds. With a background as a former school principal and sports chaplain, Orlando brings a wealth of experience in leadership and support to his dog training practice. His mission is to help dog owners achieve stress-free, reliable results through his Positive Engagement Training Systems (PETS).

Results Dog Training offers a comprehensive approach to dog training, starting with a free 15-minute Discovery Session by phone to understand the client’s goals and their dog’s needs. Orlando provides in-home assessments and immediate solutions for new and existing clients, focusing on creating well-behaved companion dogs through science-based training methods. With a wide range of certifications and accreditations in animal behavior and training, Orlando is equipped to address a variety of behavioral issues and training needs.

Whether you are a pet owner looking to improve your dog’s behavior or a professional working with animals, Results Dog Training offers tailored training packages to meet your specific requirements. Orlando’s dedication to educating dog owners and empowering them with the skills and knowledge to build strong bonds with their canine companions sets Results Dog Training apart as a trusted resource for dog training expertise.