Detailed Information

Rescued By Training is a professional dog training and behavior consulting business dedicated to helping dogs and their owners overcome a variety of behavioral issues. With a focus on using scientifically proven, positive-reinforcement methods, the business ensures effective and humane training plans tailored to each dog’s unique needs. Led by a certified trainer and accredited behavior consultant, Rescued By Training has successfully helped over 2400 dogs with issues such as fear, aggression, separation anxiety, and resource guarding.

The business prides itself on providing relief, lasting behavior changes, and improved quality of life for both dogs and their owners. Through thousands of hours of training experience and a commitment to continuing education, Rescued By Training offers inclusive training for families with kids, specialized programs for expectant parents, and online training services accessible worldwide. The business maintains strong relationships with veterinary behaviorists and shelters, ensuring comprehensive support for clients seeking to improve their relationship with their furry companions.

Rescued By Training stands out in the unregulated dog training industry by advocating for transparency, ethical practices, and the use of force-free training methods. With a deep understanding of animal behavior and a compassionate approach, the business aims to nurture bonds between dogs and their owners, creating a safe and welcoming environment for all breeds and individuals. Whether addressing growling, lunging, biting, or other behavioral challenges, Rescued By Training is dedicated to helping dogs and their families build trust, communication, and mutual respect.